13TH MAY 2018 the world celebrating one day in a year for Mother is not acceptable by many people. But in my opinion one cannot thanks her everyday so the world celebrating one day to thanks the only person who works 24*7 and is not off from her duty on a single day is far better.

On this mother’s day I want to say Sorry and thanks to my mother for too many things.

Sorry Maa ,

For that days when I didn’t understand you;

For that senseless arguments because you were always right;

For those fights where I yelled at you or spoke harshly with you, I didn’t mean that and you know that;

For all those tears that was because of me for any of the reason behind it; you cried for me and because of me; I am really sorry for that;

For all those sleepless nights you spent because of me;

For making you hurt unknowingly and sometimes knowingly too;

I am really Sorry.


Although thanks is such a small world for you Maa because of too many things you do for me but let me thank you for those special things you do .

Thank you Maa ,

For forgiving me whenever I apologies to you , doesn’t matter whether my mistake was small or big you always forgive me;

For taking care of me;

For supporting me constantly and not judging me, it makes me believe in myself even more because I knew you are always there for me;

For that million advices and ideas you gave , that works every time.

For becoming my best friend;

For that 2 AM conversation with cup of coffee, those are still my best life moments;

For letting me whatever I wanted to do, I have no regrets in my life and that’s because of you;

For criticizing me when I was wrong and correcting me, it helped me to become a better version of myself and helped me to take right decisions.

Thanks for everything.

Last but not least, a very Happy mother’s day to all the Mothers ; single mothers and all the single fathers out there .


I am an Indian and i am Ashamed

i am a girl and i am scared


I am an indian and i am ashamed

Hello ,

i am an average common indian who knows what this country used to be and where it is heading towards.

the words i hear most now-a-days are


initially people don’t wanted to have a girl child and they used to killed her in womb ; reason was – girls have to leave their home , parents have to pay a large amount of dowry etc .

But ,

today its ok if you kill a girl in womb because instead of being getting raped and than murdered brutally , instead of letting her born and always worrying about her safety , instead of watching a girl becoming a victim of some Inhuman’s Lust .

i think its quite ok if she doesn’t see this bad world and killed before .

but wait , its not only about girl. those Inhumans are raping animals too . (remember a dog was raped too )

it is not gender , not girls, not her clothes ,not her age. its the cheap and poor mentality of people which is kidnapped , the senses of those morons which is getting raped , and the humanity which is being murdered again and again .

i am scared , not for myself but for all girls out there . for that new born baby girl who doesn’t know anything . (she actually don’t understand anything )

for that girl who is slightly elder from new born but doesn’t know the difference between male and female .

for that girl who is aware about all these things and trying her best to protect herself from those indirect rapes many times in her daily life.

for that old lady who is not capable to save herself and yes for that died womens body which can’t speak ( even a died body is not remain untouched form such shameful act )

i don’t know what should be done now but one thing i am sure whatever has to be done it will be done by us ; because we can’t rely on our government – who keeps silence and delays the cases of rape and harassment.

Oh but how can i forget the new law , obviously our government is doing something ” Rape a minor girl and you are sentenced to death ” thanks to dear government ; chances are there that atleast minor girls will be safe now .

but if you are an adult girl than please be safe . learn all that pepper spray , compass tricks , they will help you in adverse situation and it might help you to escape if a Devil attacks you ; because the devil knows he will not get death punishment and if he gets so he will become old enough till the judiciary sentenced him to die .

Be safe and live safe 👍

Happy Every Day Women

Hey everyone ,

so after a long time , back to writing or i say i caught myself with a pen and paper of diary . so here what i wrote today –

So its 8th March 2018 and the world is celebrating International Women’s Day !

The biggest Irony is a women waits for these particular days like IWD , Mothers day , rakshabandhan and so on , so that some other person can make her feel special & important !

Dear Men everywhere ,

let’s just don’t wait for these days ;

• Make your women feel important every other day .

• Care for her when she is not sick .

• Gift her something when its not her birthday .

• Make her realise that her efforts are valued.

• Compliment her Messy look because she wants it to be heard from you that she is beautiful.

• Give time to her , Make coffee for her and have a long conversation with her , without being asked .

do these little things so she doesn’t have to wait for these extra days .

And Dear Women ,

Value yourself enough that you don’t need someone else to let you know your worth on some specific days .


Say Bye to 2017 & Welcome 2018


So 2018 is around the corner and it’s time to say good bye to 2017. Before bidding farewell to 2017 and entering into New Year, do consider these few things:

  • Don’t talk about 2017’s failures in 2018 but don’t forget what they taught you.
  • Say a big no to the New Year’s Resolution because honestly it’s never going to accomplished.
  • Don’t make a diet plan or Gym Resolution. Doesn’t matter you are fat, too fat, thin or too thin. It’s OK to be conscious about your health, but don’t be that freak & crazy gym freak person. “Eat whatever you want and if someone try to lecture about your weight eat them too “(copied).
  • Don’t make a to-do list or bucket list, enjoy the moment as it arrives.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are going to enjoy the evening at your home watching television or you are outside partying with your friends , you have to enjoy , that all matters
  • If you live out of your city take a leave and visit your place and if this is not possible just call your parents & siblings, talk to them. It will make you happy and your family happiest.
  • Write down the beautiful moments starting from January to December, you can visit your phone gallery too from the year starting to year end & relive those moments again.
  • Create your own version of welcoming the New Year & as well bidding farewell to 2017, like just plug the headphone in, play your favourite music and get lost into it.
  • It’s not necessary to upload each and every activity or photographs on social media accounts , live in the very moment , “ try to collect memories , don’t just capture pictures “
  • Wish your loved ones & to those too who are not in touch but were part of your before. It could be your friends or some special person. Show them that you haven’t forgotten them & want them in 2018.
  • Be brave enough to ask for forgiveness for your faults & kind enough to forgive others & move on. You surely don’t want to hold hate for people & as well to be hated by someone, especially in New Year.
  • This New Year tries to be more you instead of fighting to be fit in the so called society status.


And finally a big Thanks to 2017 for all lessons & 2018 we are ready





Today I just want to share some learnings which I have learned in this new era so far by experiencing or by observing :

  • Everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s good to apply those fairness creams and makeup products, experimenting those hair styles and getting that perfect body spending hours at gym, until it’s for your own sake or for your own happiness. Do it for yourself, not to impress anybody, not so that someone will like you. The only thing matter is you should love and like yourself.
  • It’s not necessary to update everything on social media. Watching a movie , going somewhere to eat , purchased something , going for a vacation , listening a song or anything enjoy that very thing at that very moment. It’s fine to be updated about the ongoing trends but make your personal life personal. Spend your quality time with only yourself sometimes; otherwise you will miss the real fun.
  • Language, education and lifestyle are not a parameter to judge any person. Don’t feel underestimated if u can’t speak English, speak for yourself if it comes to u with words, actions or speak even with your eyes. it doesn’t matter how much educated you are , what qualification you possess, if you can’t determine what is right or wrong , if you can’t respect other person’s opinions or you can’t take your own stand they all will be worthless.
  • Give time to your loved ones and to those persons who wants to spend time with you. Life is unpredictable. Everyone is just running complaining about the lack of time, that’s a myth, just Prioritize your schedule, time and life better.
  • Don’t rush to be in a relation whether its friendship or love. The outcomes of things you meant to be by force will not be favorable. While choosing a friend, love or soul mate go for the character and inner beauty of the person because these are the things you are going to live with ultimately.
  • Bollywood movies are far more than reality. Stop searching those actor and actress look alike in your partners and those love stories in your real life. In real nobody puts that much makeup because we are not in front of camera every time. Every person is beautiful. Every love story is unique in its own way. Let the god write your story.
  • We should learn to value things before it left us apart. We should love even when we have never face any heart break. It’s not necessary to fall to get up. One can have the knowledge and experience about too many things even they don’t speak it aloud or even they looked too immature or innocent.
  • Life would be easier if you just say what you feel for a person directly not by instagram or fb stories. Just send that draft message, just tell them about your feelings, don’t backspace your words. Love or hate, don’t hold it too long.






15 august 2017, the whole nation is going to celebrate 71th Independence Day of the country. But does it make sense to celebrate this day? Are we really independent? Is India has got its independence?

Nirbhaya Rape Case: 16 December 2012 the day which is unforgettable, the day that shook our nation. 5th may 2017, our honorable judiciary system finally gave justice to the victim. It took almost 4 years to take the decision. Too many rape cases were filed after Nirbhaya case all across the nation. Recently, a minor girl was brutally raped in Himachal Pradesh, justice is undue.

We live in a country where even a little girl is not safe. A woman can’t walk alone after evening or even in day. If she does that she has to fight with those stalking eyes, with those negative comments and if things goes wrong she is responsible for that.

There are too many cases of domestic violence which are not filed at any police station. Many women are mentally tortured by her in laws and much by society and take no action against them.

All thanks to our society and our respected system, our laws that doesn’t scare people who do such things. People know that if they do such poor thing what can happen to them and irony is that result doesn’t scare them so they are not afraid to rape a girl, to stalk a girl or to torture her even after getting marry with her.

Women tolerate these things because she herself knows that if she raises her voice she has to suffer. It will take too long to our judiciary system to give her justice, till then society will make every possible thing to make her life miserable.

If she dies the whole nation will be with her , people will come on roads with candle, holding banners so she can get justice , youth will put black dp on their social media accounts . But alive she has to fight alone.


True independence is way too long.

Happy Independence Day India



Say Hello to August! 


The month of August is bunch of festivals or i say this month is box of happiness & joy. Friendship Day & Rakshabandhan are on their way. Let’s celebrate these two bundles of joy in a different but beautiful way:

Friendship Day

It is on 6th of august. Try this few things to give a new touch to this special day-

  • Call a old friend, talk to him/her about each other’s life and strengthen your bond again. We are so busy in our lives that we have left our old friendship somewhere, but what is the best time other than friendship day to make your friend feel that they are special.
  • Plan a visit to those “friendship addas” where you have created those unforgettable moments. It is the time to live those moments again with your crazy buddies.
  • Forgive that person who used to be your friend, ask for apologies if it was your fault because sometimes friendship is more important than anything else.
  • Gift something to your parents and your spouse. They are your lifetime friends who are never going to leave you.

Celebrate this day in such a way that in remains in your memory and in your heart till next friendship day.


This year rakshabandhan is on 7th august, a day after friendship day. Let’s give a special touch to this too-

Dear Girls – it is not necessary to take gift every time. This year gift something to your brother and surprise him.

Dear Boys- instead of promising your sister that you will protect her, make her capable to fight alone, boost her confidence and strength so that she can protect herself in any circumstances.

Tie a friendship band or a rakhi to tree and contribute to environment.

These are some few different touches you can give to this two special days to make them more special and memorable.

Happy August !



Take a 5 minute break from your daily scheduled daily life and think about that 5 important things which you want to do for yourself before you die. Yes, only those 5 important things which include only you, which you want to, do for yourself while you are alive.

! Done!

What if you die today???

Your wishes will be remained in your wish list only having no chances of coming true. It could be possible that not everything u wishes can be completed in just a blink of seconds or at that very moment , but not everything take couple of years to be come true.

The famous quote “ live like it’s your last day’’ is true in every aspect and should be implemented by everybody. Take a break, break the barrier of your daily routine life and do that one particular thing which makes you happy and alive. Do it for yourself.

Death is certain, life is not. Live every bit of your life.


Girls are Burden: The Fault in our System

Yes, you read it right. Girls are burden and will always. Before you start judging me, let you read this article fully. I have solid reason to prove my point. I am 24 year old girl belongs to a middle class family. I have 2 elder sisters and one younger brother. I am the most pampered and lovable kid of my family from childhood. Yes my family loves me more than my brother. There is nothing like gender inequality in my family. (I am truly blessed.)

In spite of this when I say Girls are burden it’s because of the rituals our society & system has set for the girl child and we the people who are following them blindly. Let we see the journey of a girl from the other side of the coin.

When a girl is born, the very first thing you will see the sadness in the eyes of everyone especially in the grand parents of the girl. Relatives will console to her parents wishing she were a boy. Time flies, she will be sent to school and college for education. If she wanted to get  education which demand more fees , again someone will come up with this “ why to spend so much money on education save it for her wedding “ ( itna paisa padhai pe kyu kharch kerna , iski shadi ke liye bachaiye )

While studying “study is secondary, learn cooking, stitching and other household work. It will be useful to her “(padhai wadhai chodo, ghar ka kaam seekho kaam aayega).If she is very good in her studies “what is the meaning of all these when ultimately she has to go someone else’s house and cook food” (in sabka kya matlab hai, sasural jake banana to ise khana hi hai)

*Note: these dialogues never come from her parents *

Now the very important part of her life for which she actually comes to this world is tag as a burden ‘Her marriage ’.The family starts to find a suitable boy .the rishta meeting will be organized. the girl and her family will be judged on various parameters her height , cooking skills , complexion , how much the girls family can spend on the wedding , how much they earned etc. some will ask questions and inspect everything about girl as they are going to give the key of their valuable treasure . if there is a little bit delay in her engagement and as well marriage she is questioned.

If the rishta fixed the lines by groom’s family “ your girl is ours now” some will say to girl’s parents that now you are free as your daughter is someone else’s responsibility now. Which is not true. A daughter is always responsibility of her parents even after marriage.

The wedding function is started. The engagement ceremony: it’s not only about ring, trust me. Bride’s family has to send clothes to the entire family of groom. It’s a ritual. In between engagement and wedding and after wedding too if any occasion comes like Diwali, holi again send some sweets and cloths stuffs to the groom’s family.it is also a ritual.

At wedding there are too many traditions and rituals. The bride’s family will spend more than their financial status thinking it is for their daughter’s better future and for social reputation too.The very strange rasam I have ever came across is whenever any lady from girl’s family goes to boy’s house she has to touch feets of every other lady of boy’s side and has to give some kind of shagun to them. (Pagalagayi)

The tradition that daughter’s first delivery should be in her Mayka. The girl’s family will went to her sasural to taker her with home. Again give the cloths and sweet stuffs and take the girl to your home. After 2 to 3 months, the new mother and baby will go to their home. Send again some cloths and sweet stuff with them for the entire sasural family of new mother.

If someone died in the girl’s house. go with cloths to her sasural. Whenever your daughter and your son in law come to your house give them shagun. If you ever go to meet your daughter at her sasural or go to attend some function at her sasural u cannot go empty hands. The Mayra rasam where the girls family have to spend very good amount of money on their grandchildren’s wedding.

The girl’s parents can never take a step back from their responsibilities till they are alive and after them it is transferred to the brother of the girl.so basically on the basis of the rituals which are ultimately set by us, followed by us the girl seems to be a burden on their family.

I don’t know if all the rituals set by us and the society are right or not. If they are wrong than how to change it and will it be changed ever or not, I just don’t know. But the change is required that I am assured.

Note: I am not pointing at anyone. Not at society, not at particular section of the society and not at the people who are following all these. I have seen these things in my surroundings and felt that it is the fault in our system.